Ways to increase sales in your business are everywhere, but often they are un-proven, take a mountain of time and are expensive to set-up.

But you’re going to want to bookmark this page. This is 15 simple ways to increase sales in your business that made people money in the room by lunchtime at my sold-out live marketing intensive.

One attendee, Victoria, had made £5000 by the end of the day and is now a member on both my 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme and my 12-month Mentorship Programme.

But I digress…

Here’s 15 Low Cost Ways to Increase Sales in Your Business – Lets GO…

Ways to increase sales in your business

1. PHONE, SMS, DM or email every one of your top 10-25 paying customers and ask them if they want to upgrade, spend more, buy something else (One of the quickest ways to increase sales in your business and so often overlooked)

Remember this: your lowest hanging fruit are your current customers.


If you want to make a lot of sales fast, go to your highest paying customers and offer them a premium product/service at a premium price. There’s no group of people that can generate these top-tier sales with nothing more than a quick chat.

If you want to increase sales quickly in your business, you need to be starting here with your current customers.

Darrell and Maria on The 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme and 12 Month Mentorship Programme applied this after their first one hour Mentorship call with me. In less than 24 hours made back 80% of the full 12 month investment on my top-tier coaching option.

How to increase sales in your business

2. Group together every other current customer you HAVE and send them something else to buy (out of ALL of the ways to increase sales in your business – this could be one email or one Facebook Ad for mass sales)

Not all customers are created equally. In step one we’re targeting your super-fans. But there’s still so many untapped easy ways to make sales in your business by focussing on a bunch of other groups of people.

Next up… all OTHER current customers.

Exclude the top-tier highest spenders and lets target this group with something in the mid-price range.

It can be as simple as an email with an offer to buy something new, back in stock or at a time-sensitive amazing offer price.

Current, happy customers buy more stuff… if you follow-up.

Ways to increase sales quickly in your business now

3. Group together every PAST customer you HAVE EVER HAD and send them AN IRRESISTIBLE RE-ENGAGEMENT OFFER

Noticing a pattern here? Often the easiest ways to increase sales in your business are the most effective. But people are being brainwashed by fake-rolex wearing ‘gurus’ hiding their ‘secrets’ on the other side of un-proven programmes with huge claims…

(by the way – you know the ones who speak more about what they spend on Facebook Ads than what they actually made back. OR… ever mentioning anyone who has actually used their trainings with any success!)

With this strategy above, Nieve Taylor of Young Nails NI after completing the 90 minute ‘Email Marketing’ module of The 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme. This module takes you from setting up your free email marketing database from scratch to sending automated emails to specific groups of people in 90 minutes. She made £2000 of sales from her FIRST email in one weekend by targeting PAST customers with an irresistible offer. Most people think these people are LOST, GONE, SEE-YA!

The real big thing here is we are looking to WIN THEM BACK.

Because a current customer is a customer that is easy to re-sell to. A past customer gone cold needs a good reason to take another leap of faith with you. Make the priority here conversions and not life changing profitability.

Tips to Make more sales in your business

4. Group together every unconverted lead you have and send them an irresistible offer BACKED BY PROOF

This is a big-big-big-big-BIG one. This is how most businesses handle their leads…

  1. Go get a bunch of leads
  2. Convert some
  3. Ignore the rest (“Dead Leads”)
  4. Go get more leads

But HEY… your unconverted leads are already paid for and have already shown their hand that they are interested in what it is that you offer. You just need to overcome objections, show proof and have a reason strong enough for them to take action today.

So create that, single them out and then them this amazing offer that overcomes objections and showcases people who have walked their path before.


Instagram Poll to Increase Sales In Your Business

5. Instagram Poll method (the cheapest way to increase sales in your business…)

Have you seen the Neil Shoney Maclean Instagram Poll Method before? I speak about it a lot and it has had HUGE results across all types of industries, completely for FREE and super-quickly… like big-BIG sales within an hour or two at times.

Paul Garvie of Fitness Training Scotland on The 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme used this on a relatively small audience and sold-out a £4850 course in 24 hours.

I also share stories I’m sent on my Neil Shoney Maclean Instagram every week with people who see me talk about this, apply it and sell thousands of pounds of products and services within 24 hours.

Here it is…

Want to know the really big move here? Do it more than once…

If you want a BIG way to increase sales in your business it’s to take what works and – before looking for the next shiny thing – work out how you can increase the frequency or scale of what already worked to grow sales in your business.

Too many people message me that this made them thousands of pounds in 24 hours for FREE… and they don’t do it again.

If it works, switch up the question and do it 3+ times per week. Just chat to the NEW people who are responding for the first time!

Digital Marketing Tips Using Stories

6. Share story based proof with a CTA (organically)

Educate through stories of people who have already bought from you.

If you really want your organic content to generate leads and sales every time, this is the way.

Proof sells more than anything, but people bombard their audience with results of their clients rather than sharing valuable information. But what if you did both… you educate and drop in how it was used:

“Like Sarah in my private group did last week and lost X stone in Y weeks”

Now it educates, engages and sells simultaneously!

Facebook Ads That Generate Sales For your business fast


Facebook Ads are amazing. They really are. And ANYONE can run hugely profitable ads, regardless of age or tech ability.

My first ever client, we spent £4,000 on Facebook Ads and made back £297,866 in gym membership sales, leading to a waiting list as long as my arm…

I also share a more recent client story that you can learn from called: How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell Over £38,879 of Services From just £508.01 in ONE Week…

Here’s a snapshot of what around 11 days looked like in registered online sales plus 812 email addresses and 10 booked calls for his higher end services…

Facebook Ads How to Use Facebook Ads Case Study

But as an example of people who are NOT digital marketers and who are business owners looking to learn how to do everything I do – from Facebook Ads to Email Marketing to Social Media – Paul, 48, on The 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme labeled himself a ‘dinosaur’ and a ‘technophobe’ and in his first attempt generated over £5000 of sales from £162 spend…

Nieve Taylor has generated well over £25,000 in sales from her ads from just £1000 spend and get this… now is running ads for other companies as a second business. All because of the short, simple Facebook Ads Module of the 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme.

Liam Walsh had dreamt of leaving 1-2-1 personal training and opening his own facility with 150 capacity… from scratch. WITHOUT A WEBSITE and nothing more than attending one of the weekly live calls (included within the programme) he created an advert that has generated him over 140 members in two months. 95% capacity and is now on the hunt for location number two…

This is as close to a winner every time as there is: people who visited your website in the past 30 days but haven’t purchased anything. Give them a great offer with proof in the copy or the image and most importantly URGENCY. Closing date and time clearly listed.

“ENDS MIDNIGHT” creates massive action alongside a great offer to the right audience…

How to grow sales with a referral process

8. Create a mutually beneficial referral process (of all the ways to increase sales in your business – this is often the quickest, easiest, ongoing way to do so…)

Referral processes are often THEE easiest and quickest ways to grow a business. But the mistake is also often in how they are set-up.

Being stingy only effects your sales. Work out what you’re willing to spend to acquire a customer in any other way and that’s the value of the referral.

So if you sell a $1000 product and usually spend $300 on Facebook Ads to make a sale, take the full $300 and gift it to a referral.

Why? It takes time, money, effort and creativity to make that sale. So why would you not skip that and quickly make a bucketload of sales now by offering it up in full as an incentive.

Here’s the big part though: split it down the middle. Give 50% of the benefits to the referrer and 50% to the new customer. Mutually beneficial referral systems are the ones that go viral because it doesn’t come across as an unethical sale to a friend, as they BOTH win…

For more on this, I do a deep-dive on The Shoney Show Podcast Episode 7 called The Five Step Winning Referral Process.

How to make more sales online

9. Go back through all “page posts” and REACT to all old tags and comments

Every time someone reacted to an old page post or tagged a friend, they were showing their hand that they were interested in what it is you shared and what it is you do.

But life gets in the way and we’re all fighting for that attention. So their interest is now probably forgotten.

Something you can do now is go back through years of page posts and react to all page post comments and tags with a reaction or comment.

Why? They will get a notification, be brought back to what grabbed their interest and re-access their decision to take action with your business.

How to make quick sales

10. Go back through all “page posts” and invite to page

Another great one is that you can go through all page posts, click on how many likes there are on each post and see an “invite” button beside every single person who reacted to the post.

With this, you can be sitting with thousands of potential follows, widening that audience and drawing attention back to you as a brand from someone who was previously interested.

Products that increase sales

11. Create more product offerings from your original products and increase sales in your business rapidly as a result

People get stuck looking at their products as individual products but within many products are a bunch of potential products. And grouping products together create new products too.

Example one: my 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme has 8 video modules that make using digital marketing for your business easy. PLUS it has a private community thriving with questions that I answer every single day. PLUS  it has weekly live calls that many feedback forms have said is worth the full investment alone. I could embed the live calls live stream on to a webpage and sell a lower priced membership to watch these lives. This way, I have taken what I already have and created a lower priced product with hardly any effort.

Example two: an e-commerce store might say that you can’t take a tub of protein powder and split it in to multiple products. But you can group the protein powder with some creatine, pre-workout and vitamins to create a ‘Muscle Growth Stack’ – again, creating more offerings from your current products.

Both are awesome ways to increase sales for your business, you just need to choose the option that’s right for you.

Grow Business with offers Neil Shoney Maclean


Again, the reason so many people don’t make time sensitive offers is because they think they only have one type of offer they can sell.

I speak about it on Episode 10 of The Shoney Show Podcast where someone with a hotel was continuously running 25% off rooms in November. The worry of having a closing date was around… what if we don’t sell out in time.

Here’s five ways they could instil high urgency in to the same offer five times in five weeks:

  1. 25% off rooms in November
  2. Book two nights or more in November for 30% off
  3. Overnight get-away with dinner and a bottle of champaign 25% off
  4. Group bookings of two rooms or more 20% off this weekend
  5. November room, massage and dinner package 25% off

Each of these fill rooms in November. All have the same outcome and allow for five BIG bouts of urgency across five weeks by having a closing date on each!

Neil Shoney Maclean 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme

13. Double email frequency WITH CTA’S IN ALL EMAILS

Doubling email frequency with call-to-actions in ALL emails is a great way to increase sales. Sure, unsubscribes go up but so do sales (the real objective of your email list…)

But this isn’t back-to-back sales emails. Your emails – like strategy six – can be valuable emails that sell through stories and links embedded within.

Every 8-10 emails, it’s great to go full blown offer based email and get people to take mass action. But every other email can sell too, by subtly selling through stories and hyperlinks.

NOTE: if you’re already very frequent with emails, you don’t need to double your email frequency. This is accurate for about 98% of businesses who don’t email enough – or at all.

Neil Shoney Maclean The Shoney Show Digital Marketing Tips

14. Generate inbound leads by sharing proof in multiple ways

Proof doesn’t start and stop at video testimonials. Here’s four BIG ways you can share more proof and generate more sales from every encounter with a prospect…

  1. Testimonials
  2. Ratings/Reviews
  3. Story Based Content
  4. Social proof facts

Number 4 is really valuable and very rarely spoken about. A social proof fact is one of many great ways to increase sales by wrapping up a whole lot of social proof in to one sentence that can be dropped anywhere: your website, emails, Facebook Ads… anywhere.

Example: instead of me telling you about my years of experience with digital marketing, all my huge wins, what my clients say, how HUGELY successful my 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme members are… I can wrap it up in to:

“Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach Who’s Generated $Millions for SMB’s”

Other examples are:

“Winner of London’s BEST Indian Restaurant 2019” – if this is the first thing you see when you want a curry, are you looking anywhere else?

“Over 5,000,000 units shipped Worldwide” – if you see this brand for the first time, you know they’re legit when you’re customer 5,000,001…

Proof is arguably the biggest overall effector of ways to increase sales of your business. Why? Because it effects every single step of the customer journey from stranger to highest price buyer.

ways to increase sales quickly in my business

15. DO ALL OF THESE MORE THAN ONCE (ways to increase sales in your business stay ways to increase sales in your business when repeated…)

If you want the BIGGEST ways to increase sales in your business, here it is in all it’s glory…

  1. Learn the tried and tested methods used to generate real growth in other businesses (you can do so like so many others have in The 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme)
  2. Test everything
  3. Triple down on what works
  4. Remove what doesn’t

Everyone has shiny-object-syndrome. But if you follow the steps above, you’ll be streets ahead of the competition who still suffer from shiny-object-syndrome, accelerating your growth with these epic ways to increase sales in your business…

But here’s my secret…

I’m not a marketing graduate turned business owner trying to tell you how to grow your business.

The very opposite. I’m a business owner turned marketer. Someone who would also have claimed to be a technophobe a few years ago and has now taught hundreds of students the tried and tested methods used across a completely oversubscribed, very success client business.

I launched a pretty big business when I was 21 years old with no money, investment or experience.

When I had mountains of debt, I turned to educating myself in digital marketing (thank goodness!). And using everything I learned, five years later scaled the business to a stage where it was acquired by one of the countries biggest events companies.

Through word of mouth, people started asking me to run their Facebook Ads, emails and websites.

My first campaign for a gym in Glasgow spent £4000 and generated £297,866 of membership sales.

From there, I was bombarded with client requests and took more than I could handle to be honest and built a waiting list.

But happy clients don’t leave (ha ha). So the waiting list kept building and I needed a solution to let business owners, operators and marketing staff get access to my full playbook with nothing hidden.

So here’s what I did…

I built The 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme giving away my ENTIRE playbook.

How I run my ads, emails, websites, social media channels, content creation and much more.

It’s so easy to follow with video content, screen-recordings that you can pause, copy and get right first time. This is why so many ‘technophobes’ are killing it with Facebook ads right away inside The Programme!

I’m also in the community answering your questions every single day. So you’ll never have to worry that you don’t have the answer, because it’s a post away from getting it.

And once per week, I go LIVE with the community on Zoom, chatting live, sharing my screen and troubleshooting and scaling campaigns for all my members.

NOW… I never used to sell this at all. I hated selling.

But a member, Darrell Sutherland, pulled me aside last week and said:

“Neil… I notice that you say you can’t use the same strategies you teach for your programme because people will know what you’re doing. But you don’t realise that EVERY business owner that is NOT in your programme is out there without this invaluable information that will transform their business and more importantly their lives”

Does Darrell have merit to say that…

Darrell joined the 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme and the 12 Month Mentorship Programme and made back 80% of the investment for both programme’s in less than 24 hours of getting started…

And with people like Kirsty Ryder who joined the programme (again labelling herself as a complete technophobe) but more interestingly joining whilst still in employment… and three months later launching her business, generating thousands of pounds of sales and so much demand that she now has a waiting list… I want anyone in here that is:

  • Hard working
  • Dedicated to their own success
  • Is willing to implement and not just learn
  • Has a clear 12 month goal that we can smash out of the park...

If this sounds like you, then I want to work closely with you over the next 12 months within The 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme. This is the current special offer holding £3,499 of special bonuses (including 52 weeks access rather than just 16 weeks…)