Location: Crowne Plaza, Glasgow, UK
Date: Saturday 6th of July (9-5PM)

9-10am - Hands-On Challenge

What you will do...

Neil will have prepared you before the event to turn up with a few things 'ready to go'... Neil will be delivering a 60 minute money-making intensive. The goal: who can implement them all and make the most money by 5pm!

10-11am - Fundamentals That Will Transform The Way You Market Your Business in to PROFIT FIRST Focus

What you will learn...

Simple strategies to re-frame the way that you run your marketing that you are already doing to become more profitable, whilst also setting the foundation for everything you create and market in the future to maximise revenue and profitability.

11-12pm - The Profitable & Time Saving Content Marketing Framework

What you will learn...

Learn how to create mass amounts of content in a fraction of the time you expected that gets attention, builds know-like-and-trust and produces sales - even from your organic content!

12-12:30pm - Re-Cap and Q+A Session

What you will learn...

We'll drill down on the biggest take-aways, action points and answer any questions related to the content so far and/or your business.

12:30pm-1:15pm - Gourmet Lunch

What you will... eat...

Full spread gourmet lunch for all attendees, plus unlimited teas, coffees and refreshments throughout the day. Take the time to also close some sales from the mornings power-60-minutes!

1:15pm-2:30pm - Accelerate Growth With Funnels

What you will learn...

How to MULTIPLY every lead or sale you ever have using momentum-driven funnels that give our prospects more opportunities to buy from us and refer us to others.

2:30-3:30 - Grow Your Email List and SELL

What you will learn...

Learn 7 ways to grow your email list, how to build a one year auto-responder that sells in 30 minutes per week and three mini auto-responder sequences that will grow your business.

3:30pm-4:45pm - 7 Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook Ads

What you will learn:

Seven completely different strategies used by Neil to grow client businesses this year using Paid Ads.

4:45-5:30pm - Live Q+A Session

What you will learn...

End the huge day of business action by getting your own questions that are super-specific to you and your business answered on the spot by Neil.

What People Are Saying...

  • If you are looking to scale, grow your income or make a bigger impact this year Neil is someone you need to work with!
    Phil GrahamFitness Business Mentor
  • Neil launched a campaign for us with a completely new Facebook page. After 7 weeks, Neil had spent £4000 on Facebook Ads and had returned £297,866 in 12 month memberships plus over 5000 Facebook Likes, over 1000 Instagram followers and over 1000 email subscribers.
    Kevin MurphyClydebank Leisure
  • Neil has had an extremely positive impact on Bloom Magic’s social advertising. He provided us with strategic insights, and was able to roll out effective campaigns that drove a 4.21x return average across various types of campaigns, from awareness, performance, lead generation, and branding. Would definitely recommend working with Neil.
    Killian LannenBloom Magic
  • We've just had to tell Neil to turn our ads off... we're too busy. Nice problem to have!
    Ross StewartImprove Glasgow
  • First ads, £162 spent, 4 sales from weight lifting post, 3x from the PT ads, £4,850 return! Did the Instagram tactic too and sold out a full course through DM. Another £4,900 is sales from that one too! Still not finished module two of the programme!
    Paul GarvieFitness Training Scotland
  • £74 spent / £1250 return .... RIDICULOUS!
    Liam WalshBody Confidence Academy
  • BEST investment we have EVER made. Made around 20x our money back in the first two months of the 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme and we're not even on the paid advertising module yet. Couldn't recommend the programme highly enough. It's worth the money just for the weekly live Q+A sessions with Neil!
    Nieve TaylorYoung Nails
  • 10/10 -  Even the small suggestions like adding one free addition to our site in website growth hacks module brought in an extra £1k in first month memberships alone last month.
    AndrewSGF Fitness
  • I've seen a big jump just through implementing the basics I gleaned from the fundamentals in module one. I have honestly never been busier than I am right now. Still seven more modules to go!
    Scott SimpsonPersonal Trainer Glasgow


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