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Some great people I've worked with said...

Peter Ferguson

Kcal Kitchen

"Neil started working with us when we had recently launched our first restaurant helping us pack out our first restaurant, launch our UK meals delivery and today we sit with two restaurants and looking at number three. Smashed it!"

Kevin Murphy

Clydebank Leisure

"Neil kicked off a campaign for us with a completely new Facebook page. After 7 weeks, Neil had spent £4000 on Facebook Ads and had returned £297,866 in 12 month memberships plus over 5000 Facebook Likes, over 1000 Instagram followers and over 1000 email subscribers"

Phil Graham

Diabetic Muscle & Fitness

"Neil is my go to guy when it comes to acquiring high quality traffic using paid advertising. Neil knows exactly what he is doing and is super easy to work with. He doesn’t make promises he can’t keep and works hard to get the best results possible. Neil is not a yes man and is always objective in his approach - I can’t stress how important this is (especially if you don’t understand marketing). He’s always at the top of his game and brings the most innovative marketing strategies into play so that you can adapt to the ever changing landscape of social media and consumer buying psychology. If you are looking to scale, grow your income or make a bigger impact this year Neil is someone you need to invest in!"

Ross Stewart

Improve Glasgow

"When I came to Neil I asked him to get me sales from Facebook Ads at £139 or less (our trial price) so that everything month two onwards will be 100% profit. Neil used that target to scale up our advertising spend and leads, and I'm happy to say that after 10 months, we're on an average of £139.01 and about to move in to a facility double in size."

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