Instagram Tips For Business How to Use Instagram Polls Neil Shoney Maclean Online Marketing

How to use Instagram to generate new business is a question that comes up a lot – mainly because Instagram doesn’t allow links and buttons on your posts.

People assume that means you can’t sell from Instagram, which at the heart of it just ins’t true at all. However, here’s an Instagram Tip that has been getting a ton of people REAL revenue for their business – and it’s 100% free!

Instagram Polls are a simple to use ‘sticker’ that you’ll see in your Instagram Stories. Not only have I found these to be highly engaging and as such has lead to Instagram showing my stories to more of my followers – I’ve also used this tactic specifically to get lead and sales for an e-commerce client.

Now the irony is… an e-commerce client can make real sales with this Instagram Tip, but e-commerce is probably the least effective place for this to be used.

As I soon found out when ‘Expert Business’ owners told me when they reached out after using this strategy. Expert business being a business that provides services from the capacity of an expert (e.g. Personal Trainer, Finance Expert, Instagram Coach…)

So here is how it is done…

Instagram Poll tactic Instagram Stories

1. Open up Instagram Stories and create an Instagram Poll

Open up Instagram Stories and create an Instagram Poll with a leading question where EITHER answer would be a conversation starter that comes back to what you sell…

Example: Personal could ask… what do you struggle more with: building muscle or losing weight?

Instagram Poll Instgram Tips

2. Wait and allow votes to come in on your Instagram Poll…

Hang tight, your Instagram poll will be live for 24 hours but you can see the votes immediately. Feel free to start your conversations when they come in or wait for all votes to be cast.

Instgram Tips For Business

3. Check your Instagram Poll results and start a conversation with every person who replied

Note: I said CONVERSATION and not pitch… this Instagram Tip can work wonders for your business and at zero cost. But it requires just a little bit of patience…

Instagram Tips For Business How to Use Instagram Polls Neil Shoney Maclean Online Marketing

4. Bring the conversation around to offering a solution that is hard to turn down…

First things first – you want to prescribe, not pitch. Your conversation should be about them and not about you.

Secondly, you want to continue the micro-commitments that got you to this stage by offering either a free session, free trial or a very low priced offering.

Remember, great businesses will turn strangers in to high paying customers, but it takes time.

Instagram Polls for business

5. Deliver on your promise and up-sell in to your core products or services

You’ve taken your prospect from an Instagram Poll to trying out your product or service for free. You’ve delivered – and then some. Now is the time where you up-sell in to the paid product or service.

Many people believe price-per-conversation is the new cost-per-click and it widely accepted that conversations convert better than clicks and therefore we are willing to spend much more to start a conversation. Makes sense.

But this strategy isn’t only working across industries and growing businesses through starting conversations… it’s also FREE.

Most people are looking at ways to grow their Instagram followers for business and I get it.

But you’re probably sitting with a group of followers who will engage with your Instagram Poll and open the doors to a conversation that could end in a free session – that could lead to a high paying, high frequency new customer.

How do I get started with this Instagram Tip?

Get the ball rolling now with this super simple and highly effective Instagram Tip. Use Instagram Polls to get new customers in to your business by opening up Instagram Stories and creating a poll with a great question. Simple as that. GO DO!