Facebook Ads aren’t difficult to use. And what about that blog title? Sound ambitious? Yup, it is. But absolutely doable with these Facebook Ads strategies…

Funnily enough my friends, as I write this a couple days after creating it… Our results are even better (with many more to come…)

Take a peak at our Facebook Ads dashboard here and how we monitor this client’s sales funnel.

How to Use Facebook Ads to get THESE kinds of Results…

There’s THREE things you need to do to get these kinds of results….

  1. You need to have a warm audience that you’ve built know, like and trust with over time
  2. You need a strong enough sales funnel, filled with small micro commitments to the first sale (and beyond)
  3. You need simple but highly effective Facebook ads and Instagram Ads targeted at these warm audiences through Facebook Custom Audiences

Let’s look at these in more detail…

1. You Need to Have a Warm Audience That You’ve Built Know, Like and Trust With Over Time – Before Launching Facebook Ads…

There IS a customer journey from stranger to buyer to multiple time buyer and beyond.

Whether the sale is low ticket or high ticket, Facebook Ads mastery isn’t going to produce epic results unless you have the audience and know, like and trust with that audience – in line with the price of the product.

Something that most ‘marketing coaches’ won’t tell you is this…

Getting epic results with Facebook Ads isn’t voodoo magic – it’s the right client with the right offer, presented to the right audience in a compelling way

Neil ‘Shoney’ Maclean

This client had very good awareness and years of content adding value to people’s lives. When the time came where they could buy, I simply had to put a great advert in front of these people specifically taking them to a create funnel filled with micro-commitments – not just a sales page!

Commit to adding value to people’s lives for free and when you present them with an opportunity to join your email list, to join you on a webinar, to download a ‘lookbook’ and ultimately an opportunity to BUY… they will.

And it will be seamless.

“Overnight success – years in the making”

2. You Need a Strong Enough Sales Funnel, Filled with Small Micro Commitments to the First Sale (and Beyond)

This is where a bunch of marketers fail – “Really good Facebook Ads, we get a TON of clicks… but they don’t seem to buy…”

If that’s the case, maybe the Facebook Ads are ‘really good’ but the landing page, the offer and the funnel are not.

A funnel is where someone lands on a page and the call to action takes them to the next page where they can take a subsequent action, and then another and so on.

It’s an opportunity to build momentum with a prospect through gaining momentum via small steps, rather than ‘here’s your opportunity to buy from me”

This client albeit having a TON of social proof had created a GREAT lead magnet before even discussing his product.

Once someone showed interest in their core product, the funnel asked them to watch a short video, which qualified or disqualified them as a potential for their higher priced packages – and offered them to book a call.

Small micro-commitments, step-by-step, taking the prospect from small actions to booking a call for services at over £10,000.

3. You Need Simple But Highly Effective Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads Targeted at These WARM Audiences Through Facebook Custom Audiences

All four of these Facebook Ads in this timeframe have been targeted at Facebook Custom Audiences.

These things are so simple to set-up and allow you to group things like:

  • Everyone who visited your website in the last 180 days
  • Everyone who watched over 75% of any of your videos in the last 180 days
  • Everyone who visited your Instagram Profile in the past 180 days
  • Everyone on your email list

And deliver to them specific Facebook Ads that speak to them and offer a ton of value.

Make these 10x and beyond with systems in the background that continue to speak to them and increase conversions and future sales.

Couple of key ideas…

  1. Facebook Re-Marketing Ads: People who took part of the action (such as opted-in to the email list) but didn’t complete the action (make a purchase)
  2. Email auto-responder sequences: you can write two emails per week for a full year if you got dialled in and focussed for three days. Make sure they build know, like and trust with every read to warm them up to the point of the desired sale.

But Neil, Could I Get These Facebook Ads Results Too?

If you have these three points even slightly ‘dialled in’ then yes, you could be on your way to some epic ROAS (return on ad spend).

Just take a look at what a few of the 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme members achieved – within weeks of starting and with the current offer of 52 weeks for the price of 16 weeks (multiples of their investment back from these campaigns alone)

Are you a business owner who is confused about Digital Marketing and want the simple to follow, tried and tested strategies that’s delivering BIG results for business owners – NOT marketers – just like you?

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